VersaPad is a concelead multi-socket outlet essential for every workstation. Thanks to its selective cover openings, it allows the user to access either the power sockets or the multimedia ports as needed. Once they're no longer in use, the socket and all accompanying accessories can be concealed, leaving the surface clean and organised.

Technical features


VersaPad is a concelead power unit designed for operational offices and coworking environments.

VersaPad provides access to the electrical plug, leaving unused multimedia ports covered and protected.

The standard 80 mm installation hole allows VersaPad to be used as a straightforward upgrade for a previously installed cable grommet and can be included in the design phase.

The flaps have been designed to house plates or coverings up to 2.5 mm with the same fabric or finish as the product.

Finishes available


White White
Black Black
Brushed Steel Brushed Steel

Fixed plate in zamak

 White White
 Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
 Black Black

Standard electrical outlets

 F F
  E E
  G G
  J J
  B B

New design

From 2023, VersaPad improved its aesthetics by adding a new lid design to its range.

Fixed plate

VersaPad also comes with a fixed metal plate designed for all those conditions where covers are not needed or when fabric is present.


VersaPad can be purchased as separate components, enabling installers or distributors to independently assemble a variety of multimedia accessory combinations. The kits consist of the main unit, lids, permanent panels, and a range of multimedia cables and connectors, including RJ45, HDMI, USB, among others.

Ease of assembly

VersaPad is a Plug&Play recessed multiple socket outlet easily to install. After making the 80 mm hole, the product is fixed with two screws from above and, subsequently, two covers or the fixed plate are installed with a slide system and light pressure.

Sliding opening system

VersaPad comes with a lid to protect the power plug and other parts. The sliding opening mechanism is practical and features two separate sections. It provides access only to the modules needed while leaving unnecessary parts covered and protected.

VersaPad is suitable for

VersaPad is a versatile and functional professional recessed power strip suitable for different environments. Its compact size, resistant design, advanced features and ability to support different connections make flexible and practical.

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