VersaFrame 2.0

VersaFrame 2.0 is a recessed multi-socket outlet with an elegant frame that stylishly suits compact office spaces and informal meeting tables.

The 2.0 version distinguishes itself from the previous one, as the steel frame has been replaced by the integrated aluminium profile in the case of the power strip. This version allows for managing different lengths to meet the diverse needs of projects.

Technical features

 Versa<span>Frame 2.0</span>

VersaFrame 2.0 is designed for areas that require discreet flat-wire electrification, making it suitable for both home and workstation environments.

An aluminium frame is seamlessly integrated into the case of the power strip, creating an elegant and minimalist aesthetic.

Once installed, VersaFrame 2.0 is perfectly flush with the work surface.

The profile is available in different finishes: anodized aluminium, painted white and black.

Finishes available


Anodized Aluminum Anodized Aluminum

Standard electrical outlets

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VersaFrame 2.0 can be installed on surfaces with a thickness ranging from 15 to 55 mm without the need for additional modifications. After positioning it within the recess, VersaFrame 2.0 is secured using two clamps that can be attached at various heights on the main case.

Mounting on vertical and horizontal planes

VersaFrame 2.0 can be mounted horizontally or vertically, offering versatile installation options to suit various configuration requirements and maximize available space. Whether it's a countertop or a service unit, this product provides the flexibility needed for an efficient and convenient power and connectivity solution.


VersaFrame 2.0 is designed to meet the requirements of custom and contract projects. It offers a high level of customisation, accommodating multiple sockets, multimedia components, line interruption accessories, and specific wiring. Additionally, the product can come in various lengths and finishes to match the requirements of your setup.

Sleek and elegant design

This power strip features clean and essential lines that seamlessly blend into various environments, whether they are domestic or professional. Its minimalist design enhances an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic.

VersaPro version

VersaFrame 2.0 also comes in the VersaPro version.

VersaPro is a unique feature. With VersaPro, you can replace one or more electrical modules with a through hole that spans from top to bottom.

This innovative module facilitates the arrangement, exchange, and routing of RJ, HDMI cables, and other essential components required for seamless data transmission.

Discover VersaPro

VersaFrame 2.0 is suitable for

VersaFrame 2.0 ensures proper cable organisation and enhanced ergonomics in the environments where it is installed. The multitude of customisation and installation options make it suitable for a wide range of contexts.

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