Exit Mono 2.0

Exit Mono 2.0 is a cable management system designed for furniture and desks, catering to operational and domestic environments.

The 2.0 variant introduces significant enhancements, featuring fully integrated soft closing, seamless transitions between terminals and sides, and an elevated level of finishing.

It enables the routing of cables to any point on the work surface through aesthetically impeccable solutions. The Soft Close damper ensures a smooth lid closure.

Technical features

 Exit <span>Mono 2.0</span>

Exit Mono 2.0 stands out for its elegant and clean lines. Its integrated aluminium frame makes it suitable for operational desks or benches.

The structure in aluminium and self-extinguishing technopolymers makes it a professional cable routing system.

Available in 3 lengths and 3 finishes: 263/320/448mm white, black, and aluminium.

Exit Mono 2.0 features a damping mechanism integrated into the hinge that cushions the closing of the lid.

Finishes available


White White
Anodized Aluminum Anodized Aluminum
Black Black

Ease of Installation

The installation of Exit Mono 2.0 is quick and simple. After creating the hole, insert the product into the seat and then secure it using screws and holes on the terminals.

Exit Mono 2.0 is suitable for

Exit Mono 2.0 is designed for stylish furniture and desks to meet the needs of both home and operational environments.

Hotel Hotel
Kitchen Kitchen
Office Office
Home Home
Waiting Room Waiting Room
School School
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