Zip is a vertical cable manager that excels in practicality and versatility, suitable for any space where cables require swift organisation, from workstations to executive offices.

Combining essential style with high functionality, Zip is equipped with an innovative braided zip closure that neatly encloses and protects the wiring.

Technical features


Zip, with its technical and neutral design, seamlessly integrates into various environments, catering to both operational and high-level spaces.

Crafted from self-extinguishing technical materials, Zip ensures cable protection from fire and abrasion, guaranteeing safety along with practical functionality.

Thanks to its innovative hinge mounting system, Zip can be installed without the need to disconnect cables.

The option to connect two or more cable glands in width increases their diameter, enabling the system to accommodate a greater number of cables (from 4/5 to 8/10), offering diverse usage possibilities.

Finishes available


Black Black
Grey Grey

Height-Adjustable Desks

Thanks to its lightweight structure and flexibility, Zip is perfect for all height-adjustable desks.

Zip is suitable for

Zip is the vertical, practical, versatile, fire-resistant cable manager perfect for height-adjustable desks and usable where good cable organisation is required.

Office Office
School School


Assembly instructions

3D drawings

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