VersaElite is the longstanding electrification system for island kitchens.

For several years, VersaElite has been recognized as the reference power supply tower on the market. Thanks to its innovative Push&Pull system, once used, VersaElite can be closed, leaving the top completely free of clutter.

Technical features


VersaElite features a Push&Pull opening system. It is unlocked with a gentle push and can then be manually opened by pulling upward.

The top disc of VersaElite comes in 4 different finishes. You can also enhance the uniqueness of the product by choosing to have a logo engraved.

VersaElite is a kitchen power supply tower designed to deliver power and multimedia capabilities to the island modules.

VersaElite, with a 124 mm diameter, is a coplanar solution. The installation occurs with a flush ring adaptor to reduce the thickness above the top to a minimum.

Finishes available

Disc | Profile

Brushed Steel | Anodized Aluminum Brushed Steel | Anodized Aluminum
Glossy Chrome | Glossy Chrome Glossy Chrome | Glossy Chrome

On request

 Matte White | Anodized Aluminum Matte White | Anodized Aluminum
 Brushed Black| Glossy Chrome Brushed Black| Glossy Chrome

Standard electrical outlets

 F F
  E E
  G G
  C C
  H H
  I I
  J J
  K K
  L L
  B B

IP54 /certified concealed power supply tower

VersaElite is equipped with an IP54 certification when closed. The rubber seal prevents the ingress of dust and water, ensuring safe and functional use, especially in environments prone to moisture, such as kitchens.

VersaElite is suitable for

VersaElite is an electrical and data connection module well-suited for various environments. Its compact dimensions, IP54 certification, and the option to integrate multiple connection systems make it an exceptionally versatile concealed power supply tower.

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