VersaFlap Mono 2.0

VersaFlap Mono 2.0 is a concealed recessed multi-socket outlet for furniture designed to keep desktops clear with a touch of elegance. It suits coworking environments, operational offices, meeting rooms and classrooms.

The Mono 2.0 model in the VersaFlap range stands out due to its high-quality aluminium casing, making it suited for operational offices, meeting rooms, and classrooms.

The swing flap is hinged with a new shock-absorbing system, which makes closing very soft.

Technical features

 Versa<span>Flap Mono 2.0</span>

VersaFlap Mono 2.0 features a dumper system integrated into the hinge that cushions the lid closing.

VersaFlap Mono 2.0 is ideal for offices, libraries, universities and conference rooms. Suitable for both temporary and permanent electrification, it is discreet on the surface thanks to its small size.

The product bracket has a 45-degree inclination that allows easy access and optimal use of the sockets. This inclination favours ergonomics, promoting the insertion and extraction of the electrical plug.

VersaFlap Mono 2.0 can be connected in series via cables and GST connectors, thus allowing power supply from a single starting point and consequent reduction in cables.

Finishes available

Farbe Top Acess

Matte black Matte black
Anodized Aluminum Anodized Aluminum
Matt White Matt White

Brush color

 Black Black

Standard electrical outlets

 F F
  E E
  C C
  H H
  I I
  J J
  K K
  L L
  B B


VersaFlap Mono 2.0 can be connected in series via cables and GST connectors, thus allowing power supply from a single starting point and consequent reduction in cables.

This way, multiple power strips can be easily utilized in a workstation, ensuring continuity of the power supply.

Speed of installation

The integrated brackets allow VersaFlap Mono 2.0 to offer the possibility of electrifying your desk without using additional cable trays, thus remarkably reducing installation times and eliminating the cost of the trays themselves with their supports.

All in one

VersaFlap Mono 2.0 was designed to connect different appliances both through its top access and via direct under-counter connection. The upper connections are conceived for monitors or telephones, while the connections below are for other elements, such as the CPU.

VersaFlap Mono 2.0 is an all-in-one solution for all the different operational desks.


Access point

The brush on the VersaFlap Mono 2.0 allows the flap to be closed without disconnecting the cables. This feature allows it to be used as a permanent or temporary electrification system. The convenient flap opening and the 45-degree inclined bracket, designed to facilitate access to the electrification module, make it possible to connect and disconnect further devices, such as smartphones or tablets, thus also becoming a service power strip for the operator.


VersaFlap Mono 2.0 was conceived to meet the needs relating to custom and contract projects; it is highly customisable as it houses many different sockets, multimedia components, line interruption accessories and specific wiring. Finally, VersaFlap Mono 2.0 comes in specific lengths and finishes according to the specifications required.

Assembly kit

Single components of VersaFlap Mono 2.0 are also available: cable entry system with flap, power strip and brackets, which can be assembled later according to different customer needs, optimising the warehouse as much as possible.

VersaPro version

VersaFlap Mono 2.0 also comes in the VersaPro version, a feature that involves the replacement of one or more electrical modules with a through hole from top to bottom.

This feature allows you to channel, interchange and prepare RJ, HDMI and other components for correct data transmission. This is a versatile and high-performance version which is perfect for environments where a good connectivity is required.

Discover VersaPro

VersaFlap Mono 2.0 is suitable for

VersaFlap Mono 2.0 ensures correct cable organisation and improved ergonomics in the environments where it is set. The numerous customisation possibilities allow it to be integrated into several contexts.

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