Vertebra is a desk cable management system distinguished by a particularly captivating design that provides all the necessary support for bundling and concealing cables.

A contemporary and highly functional channeling system, modular and available in various colours, allowing the organisation of multiple cable lines through a flexible structure that creates two separate channels within.

Technical features


It can be secured to the top using a screw plate or by attaching a clip.

Vertebra distinguishes itself with its modular technical aspect, making it ideal for spaces that demand the stylish management of numerous cables.

The standard configuration is 750 mm, and the length can be extended by adding modules.

Vertebra is engineered to handle two distinct channels.

Finishes available


White White
Aluminum Aluminum
Graphite Graphite
Transparent Transparent

Vertebra is suitable for

Vertebra is a modular vertical cable management system with an appealing design, available in multiple colours and ideal for managing numerous cables.

Office Office
School School


Assembly instructions

Vertebra istruzioni

3D drawings

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