VersaLift is an innovative IP54-certified concealed power supply tower designed for kitchens. With a compact 80mm diameter, it seamlessly combines minimalist Italian design with exceptional functionality.

Its eye-catching style effortlessly complements any kitchen environment, offering a clean, modern aesthetic. This concealed power supply tower also features soft opening and closing mechanisms, enhancing the user experience with a touch of refinement.

The fine finishes reflect ASA's dedication to quality, ensuring enduring durability. More than just a functional element, VersaLift is an elegant complement, perfectly suited to the preferences of modern kitchen enthusiasts.

Technical features


The new ASA concealed power supply tower was meticulously crafted for high-end kitchens. Its design provides convenient access to electrical outlets and USB ports directly on the worktop.

Crafted with premium materials, VersaLift offers a wide range of captivating finishes including brushed steel, champagne, satin gold, bronze, copper, pewter, white, black, glossy white, and glossy black. These quality finishes reflect ASA's commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and aesthetic versatility.

The VersaLift attaches effortlessly to the table top, eliminating the need for screws or other fasteners. Its cylindrical design allows for a ring nut to be screwed on from below, ensuring a secure and stable fit.

The VersaLift's standard 80mm installation hole ensures effortless integration into kitchen worktops, guaranteeing maximum adaptability to standard holes available on the market.

Finishes available


Black Black


 Matt White Matt White
 Pewter Pewter
 Brushed Steel Brushed Steel
 Copper Copper
 Brushed Black Brushed Black

Wireless Chargers Cover

 Black Methacrylate Black Methacrylate
 White Methacrylate White Methacrylate

Standard electrical outlets

 F F
  E E

IP54: power supply tower with protection from dust and water

VersaLift is IP54 certified. Its strong resistance to solid particles and protection from water splashes make it ideal for use in environments prone to humidity and dust.

Square or round version

VersaLift comes in both round and square versions, offering exceptional flexibility for integration into various design and architectural styles. Choose from clean, modern lines or softer, organic shapes – the power supply tower adapts to your aesthetic preferences without sacrificing performance and practicality.

Soft Opening and Closing

The power supply tower features an innovative cushioning system, which allows it to open and close silently and smoothly. This advanced technology ensures a safe and quiet user experience, adding a refined and functional touch to the kitchen.

Suitable for 100mm diameter legs

VersaLift is designed specially to fit into table legs with a 100mm diameter, providing convenient access to electrical sockets and USB ports directly from the table. This design eliminates the need for additional space under the top, ensuring a neat and functional area.

Simple Assembly

VersaLift can be installed swiftly without screws; it only requires screwing in a ring nut. Its Plug&Play design enables immediate post-installation use without any further configuration.

Qi Certification

VersaLift utilises a wireless charging standard based on Qi technology, ensuring adherence to standard parameters for transmitting electrical energy via electromagnetic induction. This approach makes charging safe and eliminates the risk of damaging the smartphone battery.

VersaLift is suitable for

VersaLift is designed to suit a range of environments. Its compact size, IP54 certification, and simple assembly process render it a highly versatile concelead power supply tower.

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