VersaCharger is a flush mounted wireless induction charger compatible with Qi technology: once installed, it allows you to charge your smartphone quickly without using any cables.

The design and quality of the materials used on VersaCharger make it an iconic and elegant product.

Technical features


The elegance of the design and materials make VersaCharger the perfect accessory to bring electricity, adapting to even the most demanding environments.

Metal ring available in chrome, white and black finish.

VersaCharger features special non-slip inserts that allow you to place the device on it for charging in total safety and comfort.

The black or white methacrylate disc houses an LED that indicates whether the system is in use.

Finishes available

Disc | Body

Glossy Black | Glossy Chrome Glossy Black | Glossy Chrome
Glossy Black | Matte Black Glossy Black | Matte Black
Glossy White | Matte White Glossy White | Matte White
Glossy White | Brushed Steel Glossy White | Brushed Steel

Qi certificate

VersaCharger supports a wireless charging standard based on Qi technology, which guarantees compliance with standard parameters for electrical energy transmission through electromagnetic induction, making charging safe and without damaging the smartphone battery.

Small, discreet and space-saving

With an installation diameter of 80 mm and a depth of just 22 mm, VersaCharger is the thinnest product in the Versalogic Smart range. A feature that makes it suitable for surfaces with a thickness of 25 mm or more.

Ease of assembly

VersaCharger is a Plug&Play recessed wireless charger; therefore, it does not require any further configuration after installation. Once the 80mm hole has been made, the system is ready for use through a simple finger pressure without using fixing screws.

Euro Plug

VersaCharger comes with a 2-meter micro USB 90°/USB-A power cable that, thanks to a small connector, facilitates routing between the parts of the furniture. Once positioned, the cable connects to a Euro/USB plug compatible with all European power units except for the G (UK) one.

VersaCharger is suitable for

Thanks to its compact size, sturdy design and advanced features, it adapts to different contexts. Its flexibility of use makes it an indispensable accessory for a wide range of environments.

Hotel Hotel
Kitchen Kitchen
Office Office
Home Home
Waiting Room Waiting Room
School School


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