VersaNet is a concealed power strip designed for executive environments.

The quality of the materials and a clean design give VersaNet great elegance, making it suitable even for the most refined environments.

VersaNet opens with a Push&Pull system and can be closed even when the connectors are plugged in, thus offering the possibility of having temporary or permanent electrification, always leaving the desktop neat and free.

Technical features


VersaNet features a Push&Pull system that regulates opening and closing to guarantee stability, avoiding accidental closures.

This multi-socket outlet also includes a safety system: by lifting the lid, it is possible to activate a spring that prevents accidental closure; after use, lift the lid to unlock the mechanism and close it manually.

Once the cover is closed, the cables can exit from the dust brush mounted on the case.

VersaNet was conceived to electrify executive desktops, meeting tables or conference rooms and for both temporary and permanent electrification.

Finishes available


White White
Black Black
Brushed Steel Brushed Steel

Standard electrical outlets

 F F
  E E
  G G
  H H
  J J
  L L
  B B

Concealed recessed multi-socket

VersaNet is a concealed recessed power strip that stands out for its versatility. The flat flush closure allows it to be set discreetly into different environments.

The dust brush allows VersaNet to offer both temporary and permanent electrification without disconnecting the cables at the end of each use.

Customisable multi-socket

VersaNet is designed to meet the requirements of custom and contract projects; it features a high degree of customisation, allowing for the installation of numerous outlets, multimedia components, line interruption accessories, and specific wiring.

VersaNet can be supplied in two lengths, 288 and 331 mm, thus guaranteeing many customisable accessories such as USB, HDMI, RJ, VGA and many others.


VersaNet can be installed on all surfaces with a thickness ranging from 15 to 55 mm without the need for further machining. Once set in the recess, VersaNet is fixed using two clamps connectable at the different heights designed in the main body.

Easy to use on your desktop

VersaNet is easy to install and use. The innovative Push & Pull system was developed to partially release the electrical components by pressing the center of the flap. Subsequently, full opening is achieved manually.

VersaNet features a safety system that prevents accidental closure. After use, the operator will have to lift the lid again to disengage the safety mechanism and complete the closure of VersaNet manually.

VersaPro version

VersaNet is also available in the VersaPro version, a feature that involves replacing one or more electrical modules with a through hole, from top to bottom, which can be covered using specific different and interchangeable masks depending on the usage needs for the passage of RJ, HDMI, USB cables, and much more!

A versatile and high-performance function, which is well suited to work environments and offices where good connectivity is required.

Discover VersaPro

VersaNet is suitable for

VersaNet suits different environments thanks to its compact size, durable design and ability to support multiple connection types. These features make it very flexible and easy to use.

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