VersaDot Cable

VersaDot Cable is a solution that provides an electrical outlet and 3 cable passages in just 80 mm in diameter, empowering a seamless electrification experience for every desk or folding tables.

Technical features

 Versa<span>Dot Cable</span>

VersaDot Cable is a compact solution to offer standard electrification on all fixed or folding operational desks.

The VersaDot Cable includes three holes designed for routing multimedia cables, including RJ45, HDMI, and similar types.

VersaDot Cable is designed using high-end materials: made of self-extinguishing technopolymer, it is resistant to heat and deformation.

Thanks to the standard 80 mm installation hole, VersaDot can be used to upgrade a previously installed cable grommet, which can also be included in the initial design phase.

Finishes available


White White
Black Black

Standard electrical outlets

 F F
  E E
  G G

Compact cable manager

VersaDot Cable is a compact and space-saving power unit that allows cable routing even in reduced spaces without losing the functionality of the area dedicated to the sockets.

Ease of assembly

The socket requires an installation hole with a standard 80 mm diameter. For this reason, it suits desks, tables and furniture with a minimum top thickness of 18 mm, using two screws.

Assembly and disassembly

VersaDot Cable uses a hooking/unhooking system through two rear flaps, which allow you to remove the electrical module and add or remove the various multimedia cables in just a few seconds.

VersaDot Cable is suitable for

VersaDot Cable is highly versatile and readily adapts to various situations. With its compact dimensions, minimalist design, and the ability to accommodate different sockets, it provides a high degree of flexibility and practicality.

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