VersaTurn 3.0

VersaTurn 3.0 is the top-of-the-range electrification system designed by ASA.

The clean and elegant design, the quality of the materials and the hidden rotation make it a one-of-a-kind recessed power strip, adding originality and class to every environment.

VersaTurn 3.0 was specifically designed for meeting rooms and executive desktops. It provides the option to conceal the sockets when they are not needed, utilizing motorized rotation via a touch sensor that is seamlessly integrated into the upper part.


Technical features

 Versa<span>Turn 3.0</span>

VersaTurn 3.0 opens and closes using a touch sensor equipped with LEDs. Two distinct colours (blue and red) indicate the operational status of the engine.

The integrated IR safety system prevents accidental closure when the connectors are plugged-in, even in the presence of external obstacles, such as a child's fingers or other objects.

VersaTurn 3.0 is the flagship power strip for executive desks, meeting tables, and prestigious offices. Its high-impact design is enriched with premium finishes, such as the tempered back-painted 0.8 mm thick glass.

VersaTurn 3.0 has a motor that rotates the multi-socket 180° safely.

Finishes available


Brushed Steel Brushed Steel
White glass White glass
Black glass Black glass

Standard electrical outlets

 F F
  E E
  G G
  C C
  H H
  I I
  J J
  K K
  L L
  B B
  D/M D/M

Ease of installation

Despite being a complex product, VersaTurn is easy-to-install. Its fixing system makes it possible to block the product on the surface in a few simple steps, placing the thumbscrews in the specially designed grooves.


VersaTurn 3.0 was created to satisfy all the needs relating to custom and contract projects; it is highly customisable and can house different sockets, multimedia components, line interruption accessories and specific wiring.

VersaTurn 3.0 is produced in a single length, ideal for meeting any possible need, guaranteeing many accessories such as USB, HDMI, RJ, VGA and many others.

Quality finishes

VersaTurn 3.0 is a high-end product made with top-quality materials. Its fine finishes, including brushed steel and 0.8 mm back-painted tempered glass, give an elegant and refined look to the environment.

Directional cable

VersaTurn 3.0 was designed with a cable system that can be directed up to 90°, that supports during installation even in the most critical spaces.

VersaTurn 3.0 is suitable for

The VersaTurn 3.0 is a multifunction electrical wiring and data transmission system with touch control developed to improve the design and the efficiency of the spaces in which it is located.

Kitchen Kitchen
Office Office
Waiting Room Waiting Room
School School
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