Compact power solution


versahit is a compact and versatile power system. Designed with a ‘slim profile’ and with easy installation from above,
versahit is suitable for many different environments such as kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms and offices.

Disegned with two independent bottons, versahit allows simultaneous or individual use of electrical sockets, with enhanced clean lines and safety features.

The opening system operates in two stages: by pushing one of the two bottons, the cover slide opening the socket – then the socket is fully opened manually.

VersaHit is a product designed to fit small spaces, in particular it has been designed for 40 mm kitchen worktops, offering also water protection with IP54 protection rate

Data sheet and configurations Assembly instructions


Power sockets

This product is available with F type plug F
This product is available with E type plug E
This product is available with J type plug J
This product is available with G type plug G

Components & Multimedia

This product is provided with USB Charger accessory USB Charger